Tailored to your needs

A personal training session is tailored to your individual needs, goals, health conditions and lifestyle.

We’ll start with an evaluation session during which we discuss your wishes for your training programme and your health history. We’ll also assess your physical abilities and challenges.

We’ll be working with the Pilates equipment, which includes the reformer, trapeze table and chair. On the Pilates apparatus, springs and gravity are used to guide movement. The resistance of the springs can either assist or challenge movement. This makes it very suitable for the recovery of injuries, can aid in a healing process and may improve your athletic ambitions.

Your Pilates workouts will also include matwork and bodyweight training (using your own bodyweight as resistance), strength training and flexibility work.

The best part of a private Pilates session? You’ll get to learn so much about your body!

Sessions are 1 hour long.

  • Satisfaction 95% 95%
  • comportable 75% 75%
  • Mental peace 86% 86%

Pilates enhances your life

Ancient practice for better tomorrow

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