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Pilates is a uniquely precise approach to exercise and body-conditioning. By integrating body and mind, you will achieve an effective, efficient and balanced workout. It increases flexibility and coordination and gives you a stronger, more toned body and a calmer, more relaxed mind.

At Ginger Pilates we solely offer private training, we no longer have group classes.

A personal training session is tailored to your individual needs, goals, health conditions and lifestyle.

We’ll start with an evaluation session during which we discuss your wishes for your training programme and your health history. We’ll also assess your physical abilities and challenges.

We use the Pilates equipment, which includes the reformer, trapeze table and chair. On the Pilates apparatus, springs and gravity are used to guide movement. The resistance of the springs can either assist or challenge movement. This makes it very suitable for the recovery of injuries, can aid in a healing process and may improve your athletic ambitions.

Your Pilates workouts will also include matwork and bodyweight training (using your own bodyweight as resistance), strength training and flexibility work.

The best part of a private Pilates session? You’ll get to learn so much about your body!

Sessions are 1 hour long.


Founder message

Change can come through awareness. The mental focus and breathwork required in Pilates, encourage your muscles to respond quicker to training. By teaching Barbara assists her clients in improving their body and mind well-being.

Dancing, performing, singing: the possibilities of the human body have always been part of Barbara’s life.

While studying at a renowned performing arts academy in London, where 4/5 hours of dance classes a day was part of the curriculum, she pushed her body to the limits. With many injuries as a result of such a regime.

In Pilates she found a safe, effective method to realign her body, strengthen it and heal her injuries. The amazing results inspired her to pursue Pilates teacher training. Barbara got her Pilates Matwork certification at Smartbody in Amsterdam and continued her training with Polestar Pilates for mat and comprehensive. Barbara is also mentor for Polestar Pilates mat education.

Continued education include intensive courses such as functional anatomy at Mount Sinai Hospital New York, structure and function with Tom Myers’ Anatomy Trains. Other courses include topics such as scoliosis, hip/ knee/ ankle replacements, pre- and post natal Pilates. Barbara is a licensed Buff Bones® instructor, a workout designed by Rebekah Rotstein to optimize the health and safety of your bones, suitable for those diagnosed with osteoporosis.

Barbara is a certified practitioner of the Pantarei Approach. Somatic bodywork which reconnects you to your body, your strength and purpose.

Barbara Tabaksblat

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Everything flows

Everything flows

Unique qualities

Unique qualities

Personal growth

Personal growth

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