Pantarei Approach Workshop

3rd October 2022 | Workshops

4-6 october 2022: Each one of us has the wish to connect to our own authenticity. We might try to do so through our creative practice, our daily lives, but sometimes we get distracted or want even lost. How do you live your authentic self? Does our brain have the answer? Does our body have the answer?

In this 3-day Pantarei Approach workshop we want them all on board, joining forces together. Through bodywork, touch and verbal communication you’ll find your way back to your wishes and desires.

About Pantarei Approach

The Pantarei Approach is an innovative bodywork-based modality that invites individuals on a journey to explore their uniqueness. It is grounded in the belief that, when someone gets in touch with their individual blend of qualities, emotions, expressions, and experiences, they can connect to their tailor-made path in life. Pantarei empowers people to appreciate and use all that they are, regardless of their struggles or successes.

Please wear something comfortable that you can easily move in, ideally clothing which is not too tight or thick-layered so that others can touch you and you can touch others. 

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