Rebekah Rotstein in Amsterdam

9th April 2016 | Workshops

Rebekah Rotstein will be in Amsterdam teaching a few exciting workshops for movement professionals on July 9-10. Read on to find out more about the content.

Workshop 1: The Lumbo-Pelvic Perspective

The lumbo-pelvic region is the gateway between the upper and lower body and serves as our center of gravity. The area transmits force and power in movement but also is a common site of dysfunction.

This workshop will explore the region from a global view, using the fascia as a conduit to examine the bones and muscles as well as the nerves and organs, but also as through a micro-lens to highlight the interplay of the various joints and their mechanics in movement.

Discover techniques to assess dysfunction and alleviate symptoms of pain and discomfort. Learn simple exercises that apply to Pilates, yoga and personal training to fine-tune your skillset and assist your clients.

Workshop 2: Teaching clinic

This teaching clinic is an opportunity for instructors to experience the key concepts of Rebekah’s work in action. No preconceptions beforehand, no knowledge of what’s about to enter the studio. Kind of like reality TV where nothing is filtered!

Participants will have the chance to explore key concepts of Pilates and other movement systems in the way that Rebekah applies them. Then participants will watch these concepts in action while Rebekah teaches three sessions, bringing the studies to life in a real-time environment. There will be time for Q&A after each session.

Workshop 3: Standing & Spiraling Full Body Integration

Basic human movement is three-dimensional and spiraling in nature. This workshop demonstrates how, beginning with the feet and ankles and integrating the entire kinetic chain of the body through to the hands and head, via the fascia network.

Identify functional global movement patterns and re-establish the natural mechanics of the feet and ankles.
Discover how the spirals can facilitate daily activities, correct faulty movement patterns and maximize mobility and minimize injury. Learn fun energizing new techniques and exercises to implement immediately, along with quick fixes to alleviate common ailments.

This invigorating, enlightening – and entertaining!- workshop is open to movement and exercise professionals of all disciplines.

7 CEC’s from the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA)

Saturday July 9, 2016 Morning 9.15-12.45 – The Lumbo Pelvic Perspective
Saturday July 9, 2016 Afternoon 14.00-17.30 – Teaching Clinic
Sunday July 10, 2016 10.00-17.30 – Standing & spiraling full body integration

Amsterdam, exact location to be announced

Workshop 1: € 150
Workshop 2: € 150
Workshop 3: € 300
2 full days: € 500
1,5 day: € 425

Student discount possible. Please send an email to enquire
early bird: pay before May 31 and get an additional 5% off total price

Registration & information:
Barbara Tabaksblat

About Rebekah:

Rebekah Rotstein is the creator of the medically-endorsed Buff Bones® program with trained instructors in more than 20 countries. She teaches workshops, courses and guest presents at conferences throughout the U.S. and internationally, and is a visiting instructor at Pilates Anytime. Rebekah began her anatomy training in the sports medicine department of Smith College and served as a Senior Expert Instructor at the Kane School in New York City where she was a member of the teacher training faculty. Her ongoing study of the body includes seven annual cadaver dissections, somatic studies, fascia research education and visceral manipulation. Rebekah has been a partner of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services and has been frequently interviewed in the media. For more information, visit click here.

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