Hanna Zorándy

Pilates Trainer

I love the body and its aliveness, and have always been fascinated by life, the living matter and what it means to be alive.

After becoming a Biologist, I continued my molecular research in Neuroscience, at Utrecht University, in the Netherlands. Studying Science and Business Management then brought me to the world of start-ups and business.

‘Where could I use all my talents, and how could I satisfy my curiosity?’ – I wondered. That’s how I entered the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam as a full-time art student. But that wasn’t enough, I wanted to explore the body more and so I started my training in the Pantarei Approach in Berlin.

It became clear that although biology and fine arts opens a window to a diverse and exciting world, my path leads me to somatic bodywork. Here I can explore the wonders of our bodies and our aliveness. When working with my clients, I help them connect to their own resources, unique qualities and abilities, so that they can use them in different situations in their life.

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This workshop took place on May 29th

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This workshop took place on November 4th, 10h00-17h00

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